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Parish Council Members

As of 1st September 2020, Much Birch parish (BH07S) had a total of 773 electors and is currently represented by 6 councillors. 

Chairman - Alison Cook

Address: Jasmine Cottage, Wrigglebrook Lane, Kingsthorne, Hereford, HR2 8AW


Tel: 01981 540703

Council Member - Andrew Crum

Address: Anfield House, Barrack Hill, King's Thorn, Hereford, HR2 8AX


Tel: 01981 540002


Council Member - Veronica Thomas

Address: 4 Queens Close, Wormelow, Hereford, HR2 8FD

Email: N/A

Tel: 01981 540646


Vice Chairman - Steve Turner

Address: The Underhills, Hollybush Lane, Much Birch, Hereford, HR2 8HX


Tel: 01981 540090

Council Member - David Baldwin

Address: The Granary, Much Birch, Hereford, HR2 8HS


Tel: 01981 541198

Council Member - Roisin Burge

Address: The Old Hall, Barrack Hill, Little Birch, Hereford, HR2 8AX


Tel: 01981 540724