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There was a presentation given to Parishioners outlining details of the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Herefordshire.

For those of you that missed this, the presentation can be downloaded HERE.


You can search the Herefordshire Council Database for local current local applications and decisions made.

Latest planning applications awaiting determination

P184113/F Land north of Gilston The Thorn Wrigglebrook Kingsthorne Herefordshire HR2 8AN Application for variation of a condition 2 of planning permission 153074 and condition 1 of planning permission 181443 (Demolition of existing Dutch barns for 2 No. 3 bedroom semi-detached dwellings and associated landscaping). To allow an extension to one of the dwellings. Planning Permission  **NEW**
P183634/F Diggers Den Much Birch Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8HS Proposed fodder and implement shed. Planning Permission  **NEW**
P183591/RM Court Farm Much Birch Herefordshire Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval (P141830/O) for site for 18 no. dwellings, associated car parking, access and landscaping. Approval of Reserved Matters 
P182926/XA2 Land at Red House Much Birch Hereford Herefordshire Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 & 7 attached to planning permission 170402 PP - Approval of details reserved by condition  
P181848/O Land east of Castle Pool Cottage Little Birch Hereford Proposed development of three dwellings with garages and new accesses Outline
P180208/O Land at Tump Lane Much Birch Herefordshire Outline planning application for up to 20 dwellings, including 10 affordable dwellings, with associated new access (via Tump Lane), car parking arrangements (for new and existing dwellings), community building (up to 200 m2), new POS (extension of existing play area) andnew stretches of footpath with passing places (north and west bound along Tump Lane). Outline 


Mushroom Farm Much Birch Herefordshire HR2 8HY Application for variation of condition 17 of planning permission P140554/O. Outline